Monthly Archives: July 2009

Go away, summer

Okay, okay. It’s July, the Sox are slumping, the Pats are teasing me with training camp and the promise of a pre-season to be, I don’t feel like making an intro post on this blog, and I’m bored. Logical progression – let’s start thinking about next year’s Bruins! Yeah, because I ever stopped. Right.

So I’m calling it now – I bet Chiarelli will trade Chuck Kobasew for a D-man with a slightly smaller contract to make room for Phil Kessel. My mild disdain over the fact that he’s a Boston College product aside, Kobasew seems to be the most expendable forward we’ve got.

And, uh, defensive depth? We need it. I mean, if one of our D-men goes down, who do we have to come in and cover? Boychuk? Some other P-Bruin? That’s really not okay.We’ve got a bit of an excess on the forward side, too, especially with Marco coming back. Trade Kobasew, bring up a young guy like Vladimir Sobotka as an extra, inexpensive forward, and bring in some D. That being said, here’s what I hope the lines look like next year.


Sturm-Bergeron-Recchi <- Fun fact – did you know Recchi assisted on Sidney Crosby’s first NHL goal?
extra forward = Sobotka


extra D-man = Boychuk and his 1-way contract…for now. I secretly hope Boychuk is ready to jump to the NHL.


Rask or that other extra goalie I don’t care about. Really, if Tuukka doesn’t come up to the big leagues, I might pitch a fit in his honor, milk-crate flinging and all.