My Summer Vacation

All right, the Tom Brady and Bruins posters are all up and re-arranged, I still have no furniture, I can’t stop watching NHL Network, and I start grad school tomorrow. But I STILL HAVE AN OPINION. So here we go.

1) Philly. Oh, Philadelphia. You are supposed to be the city of Brotherly Love or whatever, aren’t you? So why do you continue to sign complete jerks who have no guarantee of even being awesome for you? Okay, Chris Pronger will give you a little more toughness, but why Ray Emery? Why sign a guy who is known for being consistantly late to practice, who gets into altercations with his teammates, and who’s just constantly surrounded by controversy? This does not seem like a very Brotherly Love kinda guy. Then again, it is the Flyers…maybe they’re going for the Broad Street Bullies moniker again.

The Eagles, though, have no rational reason for their recent signing. During a pre-season game against the Patriots, the Eagles announced the signing of Michael Vick. Um, what? Clearly McNabb is going to get most of the starts, doubly so since Vick is still suspended for a number of games to start the season. I guess it was a given all along that Vick wasn’t going to leap right back into the NFL and get a starting QB position, but it’s really sort of ridiculous, sort of the epic third part of the Jackass trifecta for Philly. The only upside to this is that Philly fans are much easier to job (and chase out of bars) if you make fun of these recent acquisitions. True story.

2) Red Sox. Yeah, I don’t actually want to talk about this. Nice additions to the team recently (especially V-Mart), but…I’m going to instead choose to focus on the Yankees’ 10-3 loss to the MARINERS. Ha. Haha.

3) Being a Boston fan in foul territory. I can’t even call this enemy territory, since it’s….well, it’s freaking Colorado. Unfortunately, what I failed to realize is that there are Yankees fans EVERYWHERE, from my bartender in the tiny town where I now live, all the way down to my friend in Denver who I pair up with for sports games. It’s epic fail everywhere, which of course means – I wear my Sox cap with an extra chip on my shoulder, unfortunately. Luckily, the Patriots are still awesome and the Broncos fans are pretty grateful to us for sending them Josh McDaniels (except for the few who believe we’re infiltrating their system…haha) and the Bruins are in a completely different conference from the Avalanche. So mostly it’s okay here. They’re also very into college football, which is new, since I am not a Boston College fan at all.

But Bruins prospect Joe Colbourne plays down in Denver, and three Boston University products are off to play for the Avs. It’s nice to have a little taste of home, at least.

That’s all I’ve got for you for now – watch for the Throwdown’s Pats  2009-2010 Season Preview soon.


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