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Let’s Get This Party Started

Okay. I’ll admit this right now, I am a huge freaking Tuukka Rask fangirl. Like, wicked huge. Bought his t-shirt at the pro shop the first time I saw it huge. And of course, I’m excited for the Winter Classic. Who isn’t?

So when The Goalie Guild posted these photos of Tuukka’s new Winter Classic mask tonight, I definitely made some embarrassing noises. Check it out (more photos below the cut):

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Let’s Get Dangerous: Bruins 5, Leafs 2

This was one of those games where we got through two periods then got ugly. Preceded by three days of drama from both sides – Kessel claiming not to be bothered by the boo’s, even though his coach said otherwise – Shawn Thornton publically admitting on the Toucher and Rich show that he didn’t like Kessel, and enjoyed the garden jobbing him – buildup, buildup, these games are all about buildup.

Let's wipe that smug little grin off his face, Bruins.

Claude Julien, in an awesome effort to mess with our minds, puts Matt Hunwick in at forward. Bitz is out of the lineup. Rumors about taking care of his 5 cats abound. Whatever the case, we want Bitz back soon. 7PM EST. Game on.

Game time.

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Filler Space

Okay, day off. Day off sandwiched by…two other days off. Yep, it’s Bruins humpday. And what do we do on Bruins humpday?

We SPECULATE! Don’t get too excited, kids.

First, as an aside, major props to Brendan Witt. Man, I know your team lost today, but you got HIT by a FRIGGING SUV and you STILL PLAYED.

I bet it looked something like this:

Probably exactly like this in fact.

(I’m so sorry.)

Let’s see, what else. The Bruins did their annual toy run in Woburn at the Target up near the Wilmington line, which is fabulous. Basically, Tuukka Rask got to look like his normal old self, while the rest of the boys ran around looking for socks and toys and whatnot. Pretty great. Also for charity.

Robogoalie by day, Santa's little helper by night?

Thinking that Thursday night’s game against the Leafs will look a little different. The Leafs will be coming off a game against the Isles tomorrow night (LET’S GO HOCKEY JESUS JOHN TAVARES!) I’m not really sure if I want the Leafs to win, which means maybe they’ll coast back into Boston thinking they’ll have a better chance, or do I want the Isles to whale on them, sending them north busted and broken? Either way, goal for the night is to see Kessel cry. Come on Isles, I know you’ve got it in you somewhere. JT, how about two more goals tomorrow night? You know you wanna.

More of this, hockey Jesus savior of the Isles. MORE OF THIS.

Gonna try, somehow, to recap the game on Thursday, if beer consumption doesn’t hinder the writing process. We’ll see how that goes.

Bergeron for Team Canada!

Okay. Admitting this right now: I am probably rooting for either Team Finland or Team Slovakia in the Olympics, because I’m a bad American (Unless Timmy Thomas gets the starting spot. Although I do love Ryan Miller. Ah, crud.)

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting my own players on their respective teams. Although Patrice Bergeron was not invited to camp this summer, is there a possibility he could find his way onto the roster?
Stat analysis says YES. He has just as many points as Mike Richards, whom many are foreseeing being the 4th line center, behind Sidney Crosby, Joe Thornton, and Vinny Lecavalier. To be honest, he’s only one point behind Vinny, as well. Is there any reason why he shouldn’t be on this roster? His competition is fairly slim – I love Marc Savard to pieces, but he’s coming off an injury. Eric Staal is, as well, and Jonathan Toews isn’t putting up the numbers of previous years.

Cmonnn. Sid and Bergy wanna be teammates again.

So it’s with that, that I am wholeheartedly throwing support behind Hubspokes’ Patrice for Team Canada 2010 effort. If you’re on twitter, tweet the hashtag #patrice2010 and #teamcanada, and let’s see if we can help out!

If you don’t care about the Olympics…well, that’s fine. Have a laugh at Phil the Thrill, instead! How’s it feel, Toronto, letting the opposing goalie – who you TRADED to Boston – score more points than your ~STAR WINGER?~Oh he doesn’t need Marc Savard, does he? Ha.

Okay I’m done. 3 days until the Hilariously Epic Rematch!

From the Vault: Matt Hunwick, 2004

Wow, and i thought the college-era photos of Blake Wheeler were hilarious.

A few months ago, a friend of mine who attended the University of Michigan in 2004-2005 decided to clean under her bed. Oh, the horror. Aside from about a billion Red Wings newspaper clippings and an article about Sean Avery (yeah, I don’t know, either…) she unearthed this gem. Then-sophomore Matt Hunwick, about to start his second season on the top defensive line at U of M, in a clipping straight out of the Michigan daily.


A nice little detail that I’m glad she included is the little Coach’s corner blurb. Matt’s +/- of 14 was the highest on his team as a freshman and the coach seems happy with him, with the exception of the fact that he only scored one goal. (To be fair, his defensive partner Andy Burns only notched one goal as well, and Hunwick out-assisted him 14-3.)

So did he live up to the Coach’s expectations?

Leading the D-men on the team his junior year with 11 goals, I’d say that’s a yes. He outscored freshman Jack Johnson (yes, THAT Jack Johnson) by one goal, and was only 1 behind center Andrew Cogliano.

His productivity dropped off slightly as he transitioned to the AHL after college, but is slowly on the upswing since transitioning to the big show – in 53 games last year he had 6 goals and 21 assists; through 27 this year he’s already notched 4 goals, despite being somewhat of a non-presence elsewhere – he’s a -2 on the season and has only logged 8 PIMs, 2 assists, and only 18 shots on goal through 27. Light a fire under it, Hunwick! Offensive production needs to come from all sides.

Stick salute to Jessi for the scan. Thanks, gurl, you know what I like.

Seven More Years

Seven more years of this.


Not two weeks after coming back from injury, Marc Savard has signed a 7-year contract extension; rumor has it he’s taking a pay cut to stay with the club long-term. This is what makes a winning team – Lucic, Rask, and now Savard accepting fair, but not extravagant contracts, making staying with the club a priority rather than self-preservation and going to the highest bidder. These three are setting a great example to players like Wheeler who have yet to re-sign, taking the stress of free agency off the club and winning Bruins fans over with their loyalty.

Props, Mr. Savard. Here’s hoping the rumors are true – you’re stuck with us until 2016-2017!

IN 2016:

  • We’ll already have seen another ENTIRE presidential term past the one we’re currently in
  • The Winter Olympics will have happened TWICE
  • Savard will be 39
  • Possibly the world will end four years before this, so the contract won’t matter anyways! (I kid, I kid. 2012 is an awesome movie, by the way. Highly recommended.)


I wonder who they’ll re-sign next…? Leave guesses in the comments!