Seven More Years

Seven more years of this.


Not two weeks after coming back from injury, Marc Savard has signed a 7-year contract extension; rumor has it he’s taking a pay cut to stay with the club long-term. This is what makes a winning team – Lucic, Rask, and now Savard accepting fair, but not extravagant contracts, making staying with the club a priority rather than self-preservation and going to the highest bidder. These three are setting a great example to players like Wheeler who have yet to re-sign, taking the stress of free agency off the club and winning Bruins fans over with their loyalty.

Props, Mr. Savard. Here’s hoping the rumors are true – you’re stuck with us until 2016-2017!

IN 2016:

  • We’ll already have seen another ENTIRE presidential term past the one we’re currently in
  • The Winter Olympics will have happened TWICE
  • Savard will be 39
  • Possibly the world will end four years before this, so the contract won’t matter anyways! (I kid, I kid. 2012 is an awesome movie, by the way. Highly recommended.)


I wonder who they’ll re-sign next…? Leave guesses in the comments!


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