Filler Space

Okay, day off. Day off sandwiched by…two other days off. Yep, it’s Bruins humpday. And what do we do on Bruins humpday?

We SPECULATE! Don’t get too excited, kids.

First, as an aside, major props to Brendan Witt. Man, I know your team lost today, but you got HIT by a FRIGGING SUV and you STILL PLAYED.

I bet it looked something like this:

Probably exactly like this in fact.

(I’m so sorry.)

Let’s see, what else. The Bruins did their annual toy run in Woburn at the Target up near the Wilmington line, which is fabulous. Basically, Tuukka Rask got to look like his normal old self, while the rest of the boys ran around looking for socks and toys and whatnot. Pretty great. Also for charity.

Robogoalie by day, Santa's little helper by night?

Thinking that Thursday night’s game against the Leafs will look a little different. The Leafs will be coming off a game against the Isles tomorrow night (LET’S GO HOCKEY JESUS JOHN TAVARES!) I’m not really sure if I want the Leafs to win, which means maybe they’ll coast back into Boston thinking they’ll have a better chance, or do I want the Isles to whale on them, sending them north busted and broken? Either way, goal for the night is to see Kessel cry. Come on Isles, I know you’ve got it in you somewhere. JT, how about two more goals tomorrow night? You know you wanna.

More of this, hockey Jesus savior of the Isles. MORE OF THIS.

Gonna try, somehow, to recap the game on Thursday, if beer consumption doesn’t hinder the writing process. We’ll see how that goes.


2 responses to “Filler Space

  1. Hey, I commented the other day and you asked if I’m on Twitter. Yes, just barely: kofchicago

    I looked up #epicdec but I’m still not sure what it is…I wouldn’t mind meeting other hockey bloggers here, especially when my two favorite teams are competing!

    • Cool! Well, I know a bunch of us will be hanging out during the day that day, we’ll have to swap contact info. :D It’s basically going to be three days of me running around chicago meeting internet folks – we might go skating at millennium park (EEE!) so yeah, get in on this! I will be the kid running around in a Bruins shirt. XD Let’s do it, for sure!

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