Let’s Get This Party Started

Okay. I’ll admit this right now, I am a huge freaking Tuukka Rask fangirl. Like, wicked huge. Bought his t-shirt at the pro shop the first time I saw it huge. And of course, I’m excited for the Winter Classic. Who isn’t?

So when The Goalie Guild posted these photos of Tuukka’s new Winter Classic mask tonight, I definitely made some embarrassing noises. Check it out (more photos below the cut):

Amazing. Simply amazing. From the different logos on either side of the mask (the opposite side has the traditional 8-spoked B), to the Yankee jersey dangling from the bear’s mouth, to the running theme of his name on the chin of the mask, Tuukka’s got a beautiful thing going here. Upon closer examination, the “RASK” is in Red Sox-style letters. This mask epitomizes the spirit of the Winter Classic; the century-long traditions of Boston’s two oldest sports clubs finally merged into this one game. Bruins ice on Red Sox dirt; Bobby Orr’s 4 hanging beside Jim Rice’s 14. It’s almost history overload, and it’s incredible.

This mask, painted by Luke Dobie, is actually featured as Mask of the Week at the Goalie Guild website, so if you’re interested in more pictures/information about the technical details of the mask, be sure to check out their post!

So the Winter Classic. Bruins vs. Flyers. Fanfest. Tweetup. Legends Classic. This is going to be a weekend-long party. Make sure you follow my twitter, @sarah_connors, as well as @sweetestofdekes and @nicenecreed, as they’ll be my partners in crime throughout the weekend. Who knows….there are Habs fans coming (@metricjulie and @amandafortier), maybe we’ll have another gloves-dropping brawl like back in June…

These gloves were made for droppin', yo.

Let’s get this party started. GO BRUINS.


One response to “Let’s Get This Party Started

  1. you’re goin DOWN, connors.

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