Alaska Fairbanks: A Whole New Level of….something

Ah, the hockey intro video. We all know them and love them. They give us chills in the moments before a game starts, showing classic highlights and fantastically rendered graphics, set to rock music or something equally chilling.

They’re present in professional hockey as well as college hockey; when done right, they’re effective in getting a crowd to its feet, cheering and raucous. Much as it pains me to hold Boston College in high esteem, here’s a good example of a nicely done intro video:

It’s classy, it give you the right emotions (and it’s okay to post here because Boston University won all this stuff the following year, so ha.)

Here’s another one that’s a little bland, but still okay: Colorado College Tigers. Mostly just old highlights, set to some decently intense music:



Then we have videos like this:


Okay, Fairbanks, you get points for use of the Alan Parsons Project, which most people (I believe) associate with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Aside from that, though, you’ve got….a flying bear who blows up planets with his hockey stick, set to “Danger Zone” from Top Gun. Um, really? AND IT GETS BETTER. They updated their video for this season:

What have I learned from this? Alaska is dark, cold, ships have to break ice to get through places, apparently polar bears can fly jet planes, Alaskans hate Ohio State and Notre Dame with a vengeance, and they have a secret vendetta to blow up the Earth.

Hmm….seems mostly accurate! Good job, guys, if you were going for most ridiculous hockey intro video in all of NCAA hockey…you win, for now.


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