Bruins intro video thoughts

So here we are, Bruins fans.

Halfway through the season; it’s not as pretty or spectacular as last year. Understandably, some fans are riled up and angry at the team; we’re not playing hungry, not playing good defense, not doing this or doing that. The sense of hope that we’d repeat the stellar numbers of last year is gone; all that remains is the gritty hope that we’ll hang on to our mid-level playoff spot, and maybe pull out a miracle somehow.

Has anyone noticed that this shift in attitude is apparent in the Bruins’ home opening videos?

Here we have the video that debuted against the Capitals, that first game back on 10/01/09. Beginning of the season, everyone’s got the highest of high hopes. And this reflects that; taking the finest parts of our history, from O’Reilly and O’Ree, Neely and Bucyk and Bourque to Lucic and Chara and Bergeron and Thomas, comparing our history to their present-day counterparts. Big and Bad are Back, and even though the music is usually associated with the Transformers movie and is a little cheesy, it WORKS, especially right at that seamless transition from old to new. The lyrics aren’t deep by any means, but they, too, contribute to the fighting, rebellious, I’ll do better than those who came before me spirit that we came into 2009-2010 with.

Well. The season didn’t exactly start out as planned.

We got our holiday intro video; set to music from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the music is chilling enough to carry the video; counting down to the excitement of the Winter Classic carried us through December, even with its pitfalls.

But now it’s 2010, now we’re turning over to the other side of the season, it’s time for something new and different to reflect the shift in attitude, and this is what the Bruins present us with.

Second Half Video. (embed coming soon)

Here’s the thing: Bostonians feed on underdog status. It’s our MO. The start-of-the-season video was more of a “LOOK AT US, WE ARE AWESOME!” thing; this gets us back to the way we operate. We’re awesome, we won the Winter Classic, we have super cool graphics, but we DON’T win every game. We’re FIGHTING our way to the playoffs, trying to Stay Hungry, trying to keep our efforts up to make you the fans happy. Again, with the lyrics: we are that annoying team that you can’t keep down. “We are the rust upon your gears/we are the insects in your ears.” Re-education Through Labor. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s growing on me.

Really, any video that yields screen captures like this one is going to get bonus points from me, let's be honest.

What do you think, dear readers? Vote and share your opinions in the comments!


3 responses to “Bruins intro video thoughts

  1. None of the above. Love the videos, but I want The Pretender back. Never has there been a pre-game song, for any team, that would get me as excited for the game as that one did.

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