Starting the road trip right

Who has puck? I has puck. Yes.

Huge game today for Tim Thomas, who’s shutting up the haters as of late. The Bruins have won six of the last seven, two of those coming in the last three days with Timmy in net while Rask battles a knee injury. Timmy made 35/37 saves (also bolstering my fantasy team, thank you sir.)

We’re seeing Seidenberg get a little more comfortable too, which is good to see; the awkwardness from the game against the Leafs on Thursday seems to be dissapating. Perfect timing, too, as tomorrow’s game against the Pens is not going to be an easy won. The Pens beat the Stars 6-3, and although some of that can be blamed on a faltering Dallas squad without their starting goaltender to rely on, the Pens’ performance behind Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal today was scary good.

A goal from David Krejci always feels nice and familiar, but goals from the seemingly snakebitten Marc Savard and the $4 million letdown Milan Lucic were just the icing on this game. Little things are improving slowly, the lack of Wideman-Hunwick as a D-pair gives Julien a lot more credibility as a coach, we’ve got the #1 penalty kill in the league yet again, and it’s always good to see Patrice Bergeron lighting it up with hits and steals. All in all, this was a fantastic way to start the road trip; let’s keep the ball rolling in Pittsburgh. Go Bruins.

The Tea Party’s Three Stars:

1. Tim Thomas.
Clearly, the man works best when people doubt him. Feels good to shut up the haters, I bet.

2. Dennis Seidenberg.

He's just so...GERMAN.

I can’t count the number of times a good clean hit or a blocked shot or just general dirty work down low in our end lead to a breakout for our team or at the very least an easing-up of pressure on Timmy. Plus, GERMAN. What’s not to love?

3. Patrice Bergeron

Go Bergy go!

In his first game back post-Olympics, Patrice Bergeron shined – he may not have scored a goal, but he, like Seidenberg, got down to work making space and smart passes. Having him back, especially tomorrow, will only be beneficial.

And the first ever Black Hole Award goes to….

black hole. n.

  1. a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star
  2. a great void; an abyss

Regardless of whether that hit was dirty or clean, it was a hit from behind and in today’s league, that’s avoidable and unacceptable. Ryder should know better, and he cost his team a lengthy 5 minute power play, which luckily they were able to kill off. He also received a game misconduct and will potentially face suspension; aside from that, as soon as he left Krejci and Wheeler’s line, they’ve started producing, which speaks volumes about both Ryder’s ineffectiveness and Satan’s usefulness. Congratulations, Ryder: you’re today’s Black Hole. See you in a few games.


6 responses to “Starting the road trip right

  1. hi, just wondering, but why is looch a $4 million letdown? did he not have two injuries, one that is still linguring? i dont see how he’s a letdown, at least not yet. i know he’s not at his best, but he’s still getting back to form. i expect him to be better next year, after getting over this sprain.

    that Ryder hit btw, reminded me so much of the hit on bergy. except the guys head wasnt smashed into the boards.

  2. Yeah, I was not a huge fan of the Ryder hit. I’m really not a huge fan of him in general. Like I said – when a hit from behind means a DEFINITE 5 minute penalty, why even take that angle to hit someone? There’s no reason for it.

    Looch is a letdown this year mostly because he was so hyped up – even his return post-injury has been hyped, yet he’s not finishing checks, he’s not hitting like we know he can, etc. If he’s still battling injury, I’m of the definite opinion that they should sit him and let him recover; otherwise there’s really no excuse. If he’s playing, we have every right to expect him to play to his full potential, and today was really the first day he looked anything like his former self.

  3. ya, im not a ryder fan either. he honestly needs to either be traded or start scoring. either one is fine with me as long as we get someone who produces.

    I understand he was hyped up and everything, but injuries got the best of him. and they cant sit him because they need him. its that type of injury where it just lingers and still irritates you even after all the pain is gone. certain ways you move can hurt. i expect full potential, but not for certain things. plus the injury probably scared him into taking it down a notch until it just completely heals. i dont know though, thats my opinion.

  4. By the way, Looch isnt being paid $4 million dollars yet, so really he’s just a $685,000 let down. At least for this season haha.

  5. Touche! I guess we’ll have to wait until next year and see. Thanks for commenting, by the way!

  6. your welcome! one of my favorite blogs by the way!

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