Snapshots from Ristuccia: 100 from Wilmo

I am a ridiculous human being.

Part of the learning process of sports photography is learning how to weed out all but the best pictures. Unfortunately, I haven’t reached that skill-level plateau yet, so today I bring you…exactly 100 photos and a short practice report, courtesy of Steph‘s camera once again (give her a follow on twitter!)

Wideman and Stuart were the first two out on the ice, and actually interacted with the fans hanging out early; Wideman came over and had a conversation with one of them. The rest of the team came out and quickly transitioned from warmups into powerplay and basic scrimmage drills. It was a fairly simple practice, and the lines looked the same as usual. Everyone practiced.

The highlight of the day was the team’s attitude, not the skill-level of the drills done. Everyone was laughing; that key team unity we saw in Sunday’s Rangers game hasn’t dissipated. A number of guys stuck around after practice was “officially” over to work on shooting drills and just mess around.

(Images click to enlarge)

Wideman was first out!

As Haggs told us today, Sobotka has a pretty epic shiner right now.

Danny Paille

Michael Ryder is staring into your soul.

Johnny Boychuk is always happy.

Everyone's smiling as drills start.

David Krejci

Patrice Bergeron was in good spirits.

Boychuk, Krejci, and Hunwick looking for the puck


Sturm, Bergeron, and Seidenberg mid-drill.


Matt Hunwick

Blake Wheeler has apparently taken over Marc Savard's "talking to my stick" duties in his absence.

Could it be....

Stevie B giving directions!

Ference and Krejci engage in some post-practice tomfoolery

Wow, look at that puck go....nice shot, Krejci

So, Sobotka started messing around taking shots at the net...

Brad Marchand joined in...

Add David Krejci, and all-out shenanigans ensue...

....and it all results in Sobotka flailing in the goal as Marchand scores.

To see more, check out the Flickr page…and look for more photos from practice on Friday!


3 responses to “Snapshots from Ristuccia: 100 from Wilmo

  1. thank you for doing all the hard work so I can enjoy the pictures! they better be this jolly at prac Wed & Fri :D

  2. P.S. you put the wrong caption. You said “David Krejci” when clearly that is Jason Priestly.

  3. that picture of ryder is very creepy. haha

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