NCAA Hockey Bracket Challenge!

March Madness what? It’s all about the Frozen Four up in here. For those of us who don’t care about basketball, here’s a fun little alternative – a Division 1 college hockey bracket!

To enter, just download the bracket here and email it to For each correctly predicted game, you get one point; the championship game is worth three points. As a bonus, correctly predict the score of the championship game!

Prizes are TBD; check this space for further details. BRACKETS ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY, 3/25. NO EXCEPTIONS, and make sure your name and email address are included on your bracket.

Have fun (and GO MICHIGAN. Yes, I’m pulling for them to win it all. Don’t judge.)


3 responses to “NCAA Hockey Bracket Challenge!

  1. Alright I just sent you my bracket! Was I first; gosh gee golly I hope so!

  2. Go Fighting Sioux. Get number “8”…

  3. thehockeychronicles

    Sent my bracket. Cheers! And, GO BADGERS! -Meghan

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