Snapshots from Ristuccia: Calgary invasion!

Not much to report from practice today, as the Calgary Flames showed up which meant all fans got booted from the premises about halfway through. Ference didn’t skate; Vladimir Sobotka looked good to go, and although Trent Whitfield practiced with the team today, he should be sent back to Providence tomorrow or Sunday at the latest if Sobotka passes his last evaluation before tomorrow’s game. The Bruins worked mainly on breakout drills.


David Krejci picked an opportune time to take a nap.

Vladdie was back with a smile on his face!


The Flames bus showed up around 12:30 and the Flames walked right by everyone, right into Ristuccia, which was fun.



As always, you can find more photos on Keepontruckin30’s Flickr photostream. Enjoy!


4 responses to “Snapshots from Ristuccia: Calgary invasion!

  1. Excellent photos! I’ll need time to go through the Flickr ones…wow.

    I sort of have a soft spot for the Flames because they were the opponents in the first Blackhawks (and first hockey) game I ever saw. And recently I took a friend to her first game, Flames playing Red Wings. The team changed substantially in that time and it’s about half-Leafs now, but at least I could still point out the two players above!

    • haha, thanks for commenting! Yeah the Flames are fun since we like…hardly ever get to see them. It was a total surprise, we only found out they were going to be in Wilmington when we got TO the arena today.

      (also, I maybe cheated and posted the two photos on wordpress of players I actually knew….had to recruit help from twitter to figure out who the other guys were, haha!)

  2. flames 10 & 13 = Daymond Langkow and David Moss

    I think haha

  3. flames 14 = Mark Giordano

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