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Tea Time: Far From Home

This week was difficult Tea Time-wise, seeing as how I am on vacation in Montreal and therefore am in no mood to do anything but sit on my ass and make snarky comments about Canadian television.  And Sarah’s had a rough week too, in spite of the karma points she racked up from doing the Tea Time alone last week.

So we have Tea Time this week, but sadly it was done a few days ago, before a bunch of stuff happened that kind of changes what we talked about.  Oops.

It’s also a pretty short and awfully distracted one.

Okay, you know what?  It sucks.  Everything about it.  I don’t even know why I’m posting it.  I’m going to go hide under a rock for awhile.

Or maybe I’ll go spend some time in the hotel spa and forget about the lot of you.

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Tea Time: The September Chaos

It’s this time of year that things start getting complicated for fans of multiple sports.  Just as baseball playoff races heat up, football starts and hockey starts, with all the excitement of the new season, and close behind them is basketball.

Obviously, this keeps us very busy.

Over this week’s cup of tea (we’re going with a lovely Assam this week) and some cucumber sandwiches, Sarah and I have a great deal to discuss: not one but two very dramatic Patriots games, the Bruins preseason and the Kessel trade, plus our beloved Red Sox are on a wicked hot streak, which isn’t that uncommon when we go to Camden Yards, but it’s coming at a critical time of the season.


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Tea Time: The Patriots Half-Assed Season Preview

So Sarah and I were really, genuinely, truly planning on doing an epic and comprehensive Patriots Season Preview, the kind you see on fancy-schmancy blogs with like, design concepts and a readership and all that stuff.

But as the preseason ticked onwards, Sarah and I kept getting distracted and it kept getting put off.

So now the season opener is upon us, and so we found an hour between crap to just talk about the Patriots this season.  We’ve done minimal research here beyond reading ridiculous advice for our fantasy football teams, probably miss some really important stuff, but look, the title says it’s half-assed, so what do you expect?  We’re very busy, you know.

But we’re always talking about sports, and we figured we’d just work the Pats stuff into our usual Monday bullshitting session, which we do anyway and now will just stick up online.

Please excuse the lateness of the preview, and here’s hoping we do better next time, and at least talk about the Patriots with an air of authority.  Maybe if we’re feeling confident enough, we can even scream and yell and pound our fists on the desk.


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