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New Feature: Dad’s Mailbag

The Dad and the sister unit. Yes, that is peyton manning's face on a popsicle stick, about to go into the fireplace. Don't ask, 2007 was a rough year.

This is my Dad. And my sister, but this post is mostly about my Dad. Dad has been a Bruins fan since the late 60s, so basically forever. He’s played fantasy hockey since before it was cool; I actually have memories of wanting to get on the computer back in 1998, but not being able to because Dad was too busy with his Hockey Stuff. (Whatever, back then playing X-Wing was way more important to me than hockey, let’s be honest).  Also, he runs a novice league at Ristuccia Arena! Basically, he’s awesome, and is the primary reason I got into hockey in the first place.

I had the opportunity to watch that abhorration of a Bruins game on Sunday night with my Dad; both of us, having been kicked out of the family room so mom could watch Peyton Manning stomp on the Jets (we have this thing in my family where we really hate Peyton Manning….it’s a deep-seated issue, and it’s best to just not ask and roll with it), retreated to the kitchen and turned on some hockey. As it got worse and worse, the gems my dad came up with got better and better.

“At least with every game the Canes win, there’s a better chance the Leafs will finish last.”

“At least Brad Boyes is playing lousy this year.”

So on and so forth, a few things about how Lucic doesn’t deserve $4M/year, some stories about back in the day – including an epic facefall when he found out Sergei Samsonov didn’t have any points (we missed the 2nd period).

Also for the record, he wants Aaron Ward back. I think.

ANYWAYS, we’re going to try to coerce The Dad into doing a feature on here once a week called Dad’s Mailbag! Send your questions to me by @reply on twitter, by email, or even in the comments to this entry, and my Dad the snarky Bruins fan will try to answer them in as opinionated a way as possible.

(Oh, and if anyone’s interested in joining a novice hockey league/school, let me know! The Hockey North America program he runs is still accepting participants for that!)

Now to go let him know I’m doing this…!