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One More Week

It’s been 132 days since Scott Walker killed us in overtime.

It’s been 104 days since the Pens won the cup.

85 days since Free Agency.

71 days since the Winter Classic announcement.

62 days without Wardo.

24 days since informals started.

ONE MORE WEEK until hockey returns. But in the meantime, we have preseason hockey!

Preaseason is a great time; the NHL uses the opportunity to hold exhibition games around Canada and the USA. By some stroke of weird…I guess you could call it luck, one of said exhibition games was held in Loveland, CO, fifteen minutes from where I live. Granted, it was the Phoenix Coyotes and the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the Lightning just recently became the affiliates of the Colorado Eagles, the WHL team who currently play in that arena. It’s a tiny place, and was only about half full.

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