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Let’s Get Dangerous: Bruins 5, Leafs 2

This was one of those games where we got through two periods then got ugly. Preceded by three days of drama from both sides – Kessel claiming not to be bothered by the boo’s, even though his coach said otherwise – Shawn Thornton publically admitting on the Toucher and Rich show that he didn’t like Kessel, and enjoyed the garden jobbing him – buildup, buildup, these games are all about buildup.

Let's wipe that smug little grin off his face, Bruins.

Claude Julien, in an awesome effort to mess with our minds, puts Matt Hunwick in at forward. Bitz is out of the lineup. Rumors about taking care of his 5 cats abound. Whatever the case, we want Bitz back soon. 7PM EST. Game on.

Game time.

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Filler Space

Okay, day off. Day off sandwiched by…two other days off. Yep, it’s Bruins humpday. And what do we do on Bruins humpday?

We SPECULATE! Don’t get too excited, kids.

First, as an aside, major props to Brendan Witt. Man, I know your team lost today, but you got HIT by a FRIGGING SUV and you STILL PLAYED.

I bet it looked something like this:

Probably exactly like this in fact.

(I’m so sorry.)

Let’s see, what else. The Bruins did their annual toy run in Woburn at the Target up near the Wilmington line, which is fabulous. Basically, Tuukka Rask got to look like his normal old self, while the rest of the boys ran around looking for socks and toys and whatnot. Pretty great. Also for charity.

Robogoalie by day, Santa's little helper by night?

Thinking that Thursday night’s game against the Leafs will look a little different. The Leafs will be coming off a game against the Isles tomorrow night (LET’S GO HOCKEY JESUS JOHN TAVARES!) I’m not really sure if I want the Leafs to win, which means maybe they’ll coast back into Boston thinking they’ll have a better chance, or do I want the Isles to whale on them, sending them north busted and broken? Either way, goal for the night is to see Kessel cry. Come on Isles, I know you’ve got it in you somewhere. JT, how about two more goals tomorrow night? You know you wanna.

More of this, hockey Jesus savior of the Isles. MORE OF THIS.

Gonna try, somehow, to recap the game on Thursday, if beer consumption doesn’t hinder the writing process. We’ll see how that goes.

Bergeron for Team Canada!

Okay. Admitting this right now: I am probably rooting for either Team Finland or Team Slovakia in the Olympics, because I’m a bad American (Unless Timmy Thomas gets the starting spot. Although I do love Ryan Miller. Ah, crud.)

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting my own players on their respective teams. Although Patrice Bergeron was not invited to camp this summer, is there a possibility he could find his way onto the roster?
Stat analysis says YES. He has just as many points as Mike Richards, whom many are foreseeing being the 4th line center, behind Sidney Crosby, Joe Thornton, and Vinny Lecavalier. To be honest, he’s only one point behind Vinny, as well. Is there any reason why he shouldn’t be on this roster? His competition is fairly slim – I love Marc Savard to pieces, but he’s coming off an injury. Eric Staal is, as well, and Jonathan Toews isn’t putting up the numbers of previous years.

Cmonnn. Sid and Bergy wanna be teammates again.

So it’s with that, that I am wholeheartedly throwing support behind Hubspokes’ Patrice for Team Canada 2010 effort. If you’re on twitter, tweet the hashtag #patrice2010 and #teamcanada, and let’s see if we can help out!

If you don’t care about the Olympics…well, that’s fine. Have a laugh at Phil the Thrill, instead! How’s it feel, Toronto, letting the opposing goalie – who you TRADED to Boston – score more points than your ~STAR WINGER?~Oh he doesn’t need Marc Savard, does he? Ha.

Okay I’m done. 3 days until the Hilariously Epic Rematch!

Tea Time: Purely Theoretical

So you all remember a few weeks ago, where I was technically dead due to stress and fail? Well this week it’s MHC’s turn, so she’s cashing in the solo teatime I owe her.

“Sweet,” I thought initially. “ULTIMATE POWER IS MINE! I can talk about the Bruins for 75% of this thing, the Patriots for 20%, mention the Red Sox in passing and then randomly insert the word Celtics in there somewhere, just for completeness’ sake.” (I hear they’re doing awesome this year, they at least deserve a mention, I guess.)

Unfortunately, it then occurred to me that I really do rely on MHC for most of my witty banter.

Well, there goes that idea. So this morning, as I was outlining what to write about, I had a lightbulb moment – we’re just going to do the same thing she did when I was absent, which is pull in outside sources! Don’t think of this so much as Tea Time, think of it as a struggly conversation around the crappy coffee machine at work. Yeah, you know the one I mean, the one where the coffee tastes like sawdust and the machine spills half the pot every day. We’re talking struggly, here.

Yeah, it's like that.

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Tea Time: The September Chaos

It’s this time of year that things start getting complicated for fans of multiple sports.  Just as baseball playoff races heat up, football starts and hockey starts, with all the excitement of the new season, and close behind them is basketball.

Obviously, this keeps us very busy.

Over this week’s cup of tea (we’re going with a lovely Assam this week) and some cucumber sandwiches, Sarah and I have a great deal to discuss: not one but two very dramatic Patriots games, the Bruins preseason and the Kessel trade, plus our beloved Red Sox are on a wicked hot streak, which isn’t that uncommon when we go to Camden Yards, but it’s coming at a critical time of the season.


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T-Dot and the Kessel Run

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again. (YESSS, two nerdy sci-fi references and I’m just getting warmed up!)

As is well-documented, Bostonians are fiercely loyal to our home teams. Like, excessively fiercely loyal. I’m guilty of this, as are millions of other fans around the New England region. We will defend our teams to the end, we’ll punch you in the face (or at the very least, curse your entire family including your dead grandma) if you mention 18-1 or the Yankees’ eleventy-billion World Series trophies or the Canadiens’ eleventy-billion Stanley Cups, and we will sure as hell sport our jerseys/hats/team gear in enemy territory with the greatest of pride. Spot another Red Sox cap or Patriots t-shirt while you’re away from the region, and  a fist-bump or at the very least a nod and a smile is totally necessary, while an extensive conversation about whatever teams are currently playing is highly encouraged.

There is a flip-side, though: a player leaves us for an enemy team and badmouth our city, and they are DEAD to us.

We saw it when Damon went to the Yankees, when Clemens finally left Boston, and to a smaller extent, when Vinatieri left for Indy, though Vinatieri was a lot more gracious to his former team. Boston has a long history of feeling used by the players we loved; hypothetically, this dates back to Babe Ruth. It’s totally legitimate, though – if you love a player and he abandons your team for one you hate, obviously the hate is going to transfer. If the abandonment is for monetary reasons, the hate will multiply exponentially.  If the player sings the praises of the new team and basically craps all over Boston? Forget it, we’re done. (see: Clemens, Roger.)

As of Friday, it has happened again. Phil Kessel, the Bruins’ leading scorer in 2008-2009, has signed a 5-year, $27-million contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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