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Cleverly disguised as a…Bears fan?

So the Bruins choked spectacularly? Okay, fine.

There was a period of time between January and February when Bruins fans thought that the team in Black and Gold would never win again. Our playoff hopes and dreams were shot. Yet somehow, this team that couldn’t made the playoffs, demolished the 3rd-seeded Sabres, and somehow scraped their way to a game 7 in round two after losing both David Krejci and Marco Sturm.

It’s not like last year, not like we came into playoffs as the top seed in the East with the hopes and dreams of nearly forty years without a cup riding high. Nope. We really did expect this, just not as late as it actually happened. There’s a lot to be said about an unexpected playoff run, too. First of all – bonus hockey. Even with the doomed feel to it, it’s nice to get to support your team after 22 other teams have stopped playing. Second – experience. Guys like Tuukka Rask, Johnny Boychuk, David Krejci – all the young guys on the team – can take this experience and run with it. Third….we’ve still got that draft pick.

Thanks, Toronto.

So yeah, that too many men call sucked. Yeah, it was a huge upset, and yes Bruins fans everywhere are still a bit stunned. But don’t wallow. Cry on breakup day (tomorrow), count down the days until Taylor Hall comes to Boston, pray that the Bruins re-sign Johnny Boychuk immediately, and attempt to enjoy the rest of the playoffs. It was a good run. Here’s hoping the cup goes to the Western Conference.

Me, I’ll be driving up to Manchester NH tonight to experience my first game at the Verizon Center up there, Bears vs. Monarchs. Apparently it’s becoming an annual tradition for me to adopt the Hershey Bears as my last team standing. Who knew? MAKE IT 11!

The baby Czech demands that you make it 11, Bears. DO IIIIT. And then trade him to Boston or something.


Let’s Get This Party Started

Okay. I’ll admit this right now, I am a huge freaking Tuukka Rask fangirl. Like, wicked huge. Bought his t-shirt at the pro shop the first time I saw it huge. And of course, I’m excited for the Winter Classic. Who isn’t?

So when The Goalie Guild posted these photos of Tuukka’s new Winter Classic mask tonight, I definitely made some embarrassing noises. Check it out (more photos below the cut):

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My Summer Vacation

All right, the Tom Brady and Bruins posters are all up and re-arranged, I still have no furniture, I can’t stop watching NHL Network, and I start grad school tomorrow. But I STILL HAVE AN OPINION. So here we go.

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