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Snapshots from Ristuccia: Playoffs, baby.

After Sunday night’s effortless mess of a game, the Bruins got back on the ice at Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington again Monday morning, some of the Black Aces included. Andy Wozniewski, Jeff Penner, and Andrew Bodnarchuk skated on defense, Dany Sabourin took his turn in nets, and Brad Marchand was the extra forward, while a few other P-Bruins are still skating down in Providence (backstopped by the tiniest goalie in all the land, Bryan Francis!)

According to NESN’s Jimmy Murphy, some Bruins players were heard “yelling ‘et la buuuuuut!’ when scoring goals at practice.” Clearly they’re in the right mindset, but game 6 at Philly will be huge. Luckily, if the team is reverting to how they were in the regular season, they’ll be better on the road than at home. Additionally, Adam McQuaid and Dennis Seidenberg skated before the rest of the team today – more incentive to hang on in the playoffs is definitely getting Seidenberg back potentially next round.

Vlad and Brad were two of the first out on the ice.

Michael Ryder is amused.

Savvy was in good spirits as well.

Timmy, that 'stache is epic.

Danny Paille + playoff beard = WIN

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Snapshots from Ristuccia: Sunday Funday

Steph (@mybruinsoface) and I hit up the Bruins’ short off-day practice today. The B’s worked on elevating their shots over a bumper in front of the goal for a while, then worked on screening the goalies; practice was about half an hour long. After stretching, some of the players worked on tip-ins and one-on-one battles in the corners.

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Trent Whitfield and Brad Marchand battling in the corner.

Sobotka and Krejci....sort of doing the same thing.

Woooooooo you scored a practice goal! Go Looch go!

Steve Begin is amused by this.

Stu is serious.

Snapshots from Ristuccia: Calgary invasion!

Not much to report from practice today, as the Calgary Flames showed up which meant all fans got booted from the premises about halfway through. Ference didn’t skate; Vladimir Sobotka looked good to go, and although Trent Whitfield practiced with the team today, he should be sent back to Providence tomorrow or Sunday at the latest if Sobotka passes his last evaluation before tomorrow’s game. The Bruins worked mainly on breakout drills.


David Krejci picked an opportune time to take a nap.

Vladdie was back with a smile on his face!

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Snapshots from Ristuccia: 100 from Wilmo

I am a ridiculous human being.

Part of the learning process of sports photography is learning how to weed out all but the best pictures. Unfortunately, I haven’t reached that skill-level plateau yet, so today I bring you…exactly 100 photos and a short practice report, courtesy of Steph‘s camera once again (give her a follow on twitter!)

Wideman and Stuart were the first two out on the ice, and actually interacted with the fans hanging out early; Wideman came over and had a conversation with one of them. The rest of the team came out and quickly transitioned from warmups into powerplay and basic scrimmage drills. It was a fairly simple practice, and the lines looked the same as usual. Everyone practiced.

The highlight of the day was the team’s attitude, not the skill-level of the drills done. Everyone was laughing; that key team unity we saw in Sunday’s Rangers game hasn’t dissipated. A number of guys stuck around after practice was “officially” over to work on shooting drills and just mess around.

(Images click to enlarge)

Wideman was first out!

As Haggs told us today, Sobotka has a pretty epic shiner right now.

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The view from the red line: 01/28/10

Ventured to Ristuccia today for the second day in a row. Got some happy news on the way over; apparently Andy Ference put some skating time in before the rest of the team came out for practice. Could we really be en route to having an entirely healthy team, soon? Consider this – Begin, Bitz, and Sturmface all skated today, participated in all drills. Granted, it was about an hour lighter than yesterday’s practice, focusing mostly on breakout drills, power play/4-on-4/4-on-3 situations, but these guys are almost ready to go, if not completely ready, as is Savard.

Ristuccia is a fun place to take in a practice. If you’ve never been, how it works is this – the bleachers are divided in thirds, two-thirds being open to the public, the other third reserved for media and Cam Neely and Peter Chiarelli (they watch from the bleachers a lot, lately.) The bleachers are at ice level; I know some other teams do it differently. The Blackhawks make you watch practice from a balcony above the glass – different perspective but not as great for pictures, and you don’t get that fun opportunity to watch your favorite players right through the glass. Another fun thing is getting to see the people you know so well from TV right up close – John Whitesides and Naoko Funayama were out and about in the public side today.

Plus, the coffee machine at Ristuccia has some beneficial issues. I definitely put the same dime in four times and it kept coming back out…$1.25 hot chocolate for $0.50. HECK YES.

My love for the Ice Box aside, the most fun practices to watch are the ones like today’s. While the atmosphere of yesterday was more serious, hard-working, and down-to-business, today was a bit more light hearted at times – makes sense, given that the team will immediately travel to Buffalo this afternoon. Mark Recchi was the only person not present today; the plan is probably for him to meet the team in Buffalo.

Rex was too busy being badass and carrying the Olympic torch in his hometown. AWESOME.

The team was all on the ice by 11:15, for an 11:30 start time; the work ethic is really giving this practice a positive feel. The team worked on a variety of drills, from below-the-blue-line special situations to breakout passes. Lines looked like this:




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