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The other side of the glass

SO tonight was the moment I’ve been waiting for since coming home from Colorado (well, aside from the Winter Classic weekend and my trip to Buffalo and Christmas and my birthday….okay, I’ve been waiting for a lot of moments): the first day of novice hockey.

Basically, my only hockey experience to this point has been messing around on a pond with my family as a kid, and a few sessions of skills and drills out in Colorado. This – this was completely different. First of all, my dad runs the league; not only do I get to be the coach’s kid, but I’m only one of two women who play in this co-ed league. It’s fantastic.

Oh, one other thing? We play at Ristuccia Arena. Yes, you too can join a novice hockey league and pretend to be Dennis Wideman as you fall over trying to block a shot (I kid you not, I did this tonight.)  or Blake Wheeler as you skate too fast over the blueline (I’m sorry, my bitter is showing)! It’s pretty fantastic. Got to skate right over to the drawing board Claude uses in practice, got to sit on the benches where the B’s will sit tomorrow morning at 10:30am. It’s a strange perspective; you tend to not pay attention to the stands or people outside the realm of your stick, your skates, the puck, and maybe your teammates. Or maybe that was just my inability to keep the puck on my stick…


  • I will never ever complain about Ristuccia being an icebox again. Really it’s a sauna that magically has ice in it. The temperature difference between sitting in the stands in jeans and a fleece shivering and actually getting in a workout in several dozens of pounds of gear is MIND BLOWING. Seriously, never compaining about this again.
  • As I said above, blocking shots is actually incredibly hard!
  • The ice at Ristuccia is terrible; I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bruins move to a different arena for their practices sometime in the next few years. There was already talk to build an arena on the Woburn/Reading line, but it fell through; clearly, though, it’s something they’re thinking about.
  • Dad says: “speed is a key to this game. When you’re doing drills, try to do them as fast as you can. Aaand, you can put that in the blog tonight!” Clearly he is excited about the prospect of taking your questions, guys. Get on that!

In conclusion: skating where the Bruins skate is really cool. I’m really bad at hockey but it’s only the first day. It’ll be really interesting to NOW go to B’s practice and see the ice I’ve now skated on…stay tuned!