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Things that have happened since the Bruins lost.

Note: The offseason is a weird time to start this, but today begins my attempt at blogging once a day for an entire 365 day period in an attempt to use Tumblr less and my actual grownup words more. Let’s see how this goes.

So the team that beat the Bruins is now in the Stanley Cup Finals, down 3-2 to the Blackhawks, and the Bruins’ 2009-2010 season is slowly becoming a distant memory. But fear not – Chiarelli is on his toes with the draft coming up in 18 days, and the Bruins are sort of on their game signing people left and right. (Although not the one we all know we want the most.)

Since the finals, the Bruins have signed three players: Yuri Alexandrov, Shawn Thornton, and Dennis Seidenberg. All three have been minor surprises, and they were even stealth enough with the Seidenberg signing that no one broke the news before the official Bruins press release (I guess that’s what happens when you announce a signing at 10 AM on a Saturday morning.)

Yuri Alexandrov has been a bit of a special case, having been drafted in 2006 and refusing to come play North American hockey until he was good and ready. He looked good at development camp last year and looks to start the year in Providence, though I predict he’ll pull a bit of a Johnny Boychuk and end up finishing the year in Boston if all goes well. He’s the most highly touted defensive prospect in the system right now, so buy your tickets to the P-Bruins’ opening night now – it ought to be a good show down there, what with Alexandrov, Colborne, Caron, Sauve, and others looking to break into the big team’s lineup.

Yuri Alexandrov, at the 2006 draft.

The other two signings give us Shawn Thornton for the next two years at very close to the league minimum, as well as Dennis Seidenberg for the next four years. At this point, the only Bruin who has a longer contract than Seidenberg’s is Marc Savard, signed through 2016-2017. A bit strange considering Seids didn’t even play 20 games for the B’s last season but considering he was a solid upgrade from Derek Morris, Bruins fans should be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt next season.

Shawn Thornton for two more years pretty much rules – he’ll probably be the extra forward, and it means we get two more years of Thorts’ Vlog, so I’m really not complaining.

Aside from three signings…not much else has happened. The Blackhawks are doing awesome, which is fun. As Justin Bourne pointed out, Duncan Keith has the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup, the Norris, the Conn Smythe (maybe?) and Olympic Gold ALL IN THE SAME YEAR. This is not me being the worst Bruins fan ever – but I may need a Duncan Keith jersey when all of this is over. The draft and free agency day are fast approaching, and in coming days this blog will make some sort of vague prediction as to what I think next year’s team will look like.