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From the Vault: Totally Relevant

Cam Neely annihilates Lindy Ruff. I find this wildly appropriate.

My thoughts on the playoffs so far, in bullet-point form:

  • So, Mr. Vanek, you and your fans and I need to have a little chat, and I’ll keep it short. Do not whine about what you think is a “cheap shot” from Johnny Boychuk when you clearly boarded Blake Wheeler in game 1 and didn’t seem to find any fault with that. I’m sorry you got hurt, but man up and get back on the ice.
  • Tuukka Rask educates Sabres fans. Oh, and also he steals a game on Sabres ice.
  • Game two had 99 combined hits, with Mike Grier accounting for 15 of those. Vladimir Sobotka had 6 in the second period alone. This is awesome.
  • Around the league – I’m pulling pretty hard for the Coyotes (they’re just so ENDEARING) and the Blackhawks; if the two teams meet in a later round I’m not sure who I’ll cheer for. In the east, I have just about broken my brain trying to imagine possible matchups. The fact that every single game 1 was an upset was fantastic. BRANDON YIP’S FIRST PLAYOFF GOAL.  If somehow the Preds advance and the Avs do too, and I get a matchup between Colin Wilson and Brandon Yip….I might possibly die. In the East, I hope the Pens crash and burn, and the Caps, too – really primarily JUST to see how NBC will react to having neither of their powerhouse teams in the semifinals. Should be interesting. I am in no way cheering for the Habs, though. No Habs no.
  • Not playoffs-related, but the Terriers named Joe Pereira and Chris Connolly co-captains for 2010-2011, and Dave Warsofsky (American Hero) will wear the A. Congrats, boys. I expect you to rescue the Beanpot from the end of the B-line next year, thanks.

As of right now, the Coyotes lead the Red Wings 2-1 in their series, thanks to a 4-2 game today on goals from these two guys. Go 'Yotes go!

About eighty billion more hours of playoff hockey left today, epic game 3 at home tomorrow. Let’s do this. Go Bruins.


Cuts for a Cause

Yes, Tuukka, you're amazing.

I had the privilege of attending the 2010 Bruins Cuts for a Cause, where 12 Bruins players shaved their heads for charity. Not only did the rain finally break for a while, but the venue was fantastic and we were all able to take some great photos and interact with the players.

You can check out 160 photos from the day HERE on our Flickr account!

Random off-day junk

How soon is too soon to start getting fired up for Sochi 2014?

It may be four years away, but nights like last night make a hockey fan wish it were coming sooner, especially for fans of team Finland. In 2014, Finland will be out at least one superstar in Teemu Selanne and probably Saku Koivu as well, but how about this – there are two young Finnish goaltenders right now who are absolutely pushing the upper limits of awesome in the NHL right now. One of them happens to be our very own Finnish Boy Wonder, Tuukka Rask, who posted a glorious shutout of the Thrashers last night, kicking them back down away from our 8th-place playoff spot. That shutout also meant he got to add a league-topping save percentage to his already league-topping GAA record!

nhl.com has given in to TUUKKA MANIA.

Far outpacing the rest of the league in goals allowed against, Tuukka is being touted as the most positionally sound goaltender Boston has seen in years, his style vastly different from Tim Thomas’ flaily floppy fish style. While Tim’s style is fairly effective, it’s also heart-attack-inducing at times. Tuukka’s style is much more calm; he never seems to exert more energy than he absolutely has to, and he is lightning-quick sliding from post-to-post. Although we have seen some rookie mistakes, he’s only giving himself room to grow.

Elsewhere in the league last night, Antti Niemi, Chicago’s version of the young Finnish prodigy, posted a shutout, and is right behind Tuukka (and beating American Hero Ryan Miller, by the way) in goals allowed against. Through 29 games played this season, SIX of Niemi’s games have been shutouts. Only five goalies have that many or more this season, and all of them have played close to or more than twice as many games as Niemi has.

RASK/NIEMI GOALIE TANDEM FOR SOCHI. Can I order my jerseys now, please?


Andrew Ference, glass groin extraordinare, has apparently just signed a contract with the Bruins for the next 3 years. The 31-year-old will make $2.25 million per year. Andy plays an interesting role on this team; he hasn’t played more than 60 games for each of the past two seasons, giving baby defensemen from Providence the opportunity to get their shot at the big club (see: Boychuk, McQuaid, Hunwick last year, etc). It’s not a great contract; personally, I would have preferred one or two years. Three is a bit crippling, unless somehow Ference comes out as a star next year, which is unlikely.

The Bruins now need to lock up Mark Stuart, Johnny Boychuk, and even Adam McQuaid, all RFAs at the end of this season. Then, and only then, should Bruins fans think about being satisfied with this signing.

Congrats on the new contract, Andy, we’re listening to this song all day in your honor! We know it’s your favorite…or…something.


In the ongoing dramatic saga that is the P-Bruins’ push for the last playoff spot, defenseman Jeff Penner and forward Trent Whitfield were recalled to the NHL club today. Can you imagine if the Bruins were like the Sharks or Oilers, and had to waste a day flying AHLers back and forth every time they needed a callup? Instead, the baby B’s can shuttle back and forth in about an hour. It’s very convenient.

The PBruins have games against Manchester and Portland this weekend – not easy games at all. Both teams are top seeds in the conference, and with as much as Whitfield has contributed offensively and Penner has been solid at the blueline, going into these games without the two of them is a bit nervewracking.

HOWEVER. There is hope on the horizon!

It’s become a well-spoken-about fact that Max Sauve, Jordan Caron, and Michael Hutchinson will probably head to Providence to contribute as soon as their playoff runs are over. Sauve is set to be the first one to head south; his Val d’Or Foreurs dropped a 1-0 decision to Caron’s Huskies last night, and the Huskies now only need two more wins to advance. Caron scored the only goal; his work in the postseason is getting exciting. He’ll definitely be a player to keep an eye on. Joe Colborne’s Denver Pioneers are headed to the NCAA postseason as well; although there have been rumors of him signing when his team’s run is done, it’s possible that the AHL regular season could be done by the time he’s eligible, and there has been no known communication between Chiarelli and Colborne at this time.

I went to find a picture of Big Joe playing at Denver, and found this instead. Joe, bleached hair is a fashion no-no. Don't bring that to Providence.

Lucky Sunday

A random last-minute decision turned into a ticket to the Bruins game today, a game drawing a lot of skepticism after the Bruins’ completely flat performance against the Penguins on Thursday. I’d almost resigned myself to breaking up with the NHL and settling for AHL and QMJHL hockey for the rest of the season.

Not necessary; the Bruins have temporarily won me back.

A 2-1 decision in which the game-winner comes off a Dennis Wideman backhand one-timer has a lot of Bruins fans questioning the tilt of the universe today, especially in a game where the referees seemed determined to break the record for ridiculous not-really-offsides offsides calls. Whatever. Miroslav Satan says no to referee fail by punching in a rebound from an Andy Ference shot in the second period. Dennis Wideman agrees in the third, with an assist from a long-pointless Vladimir Sobotka. Sobotka was a force to be reckoned with against the Rangers, exchanging blows briefly with Sean Avery and laying sweet wrecking-ball style hits on Dubinsky and Drury.

Of course this game was full of its share of stupid penalties; Chara took a double-minor for being too tall (high-sticking); Satan took a stupid one for hooking, but Patrice Bergeron, in the mix seemingly every time there was a scrum, took the best roughing penalty ever in the third period, when this happened:

Bergy, you can do this forever.

Defending your teammate: you’re doing it right. Bergeron stepped in all day long, and so did most of the other Bruins; it was painfully obvious who cared about this game and who didn’t. Bergeron cared. Darn right.

The absolutely chippy play kept this game ridiculously entertaining despite the low score. Mark Stuart got boarded a few moments into the first period, then immediate got up, turned around, and took a roughing penalty. Steve Begin put some monster hits on a few Rangers, taking two of them out in one blow at one point; he got a standing ovation for a fight against Prust about three minutes in the first. Even Satan was checking people into the boards, and we got some brief glimpses of Lucic’s former brilliance in the corner. Del Zotto crept one past Tuukka Rask late in the third, but it was too little too late for New York, and the Bruins got their second home victory of 2010.


Three stars:

#1 Tuukka Rask

#2 Steve Begin

#3 Vladimir Sobotka*

*Probably the most hard-earned 3rd star I’ve ever seen. Sobotka worked his heart out today, and it paid off. Personally I’d have given him the 2nd star, but Begin’s fight and two-rangers-one-hit was just way too impressive.


  • Providence dropped a ridiculously important decision to Hartford today, losing 4-3 in overtime. It’s not all doom and gloom, though; Yannick Riendeau scored the first goal of his pro career. John Lammers and Jeff Penner tallied the other two goals. Unfortunately, Zach Hamill had a really ugly turnover in OT which lead to the game-winning goal; for someone so highly-touted, Hamill is a bit of a disappointment this season. With this loss, Providence is now 6 points out of a playoff spot; Wilkes-Barre and Bridgeport are still ahead.
  • In the QMJHL last night, Jordan Caron’s Rouyn-Noranda Huskies dropped Max Sauve’s Val d’Or Foreurs 5-3. Caron had two goals and an assist; Sauve had one goal. Count me in as being excited for when these kids come to Providence! The next game of that series, which is currently tied 1-1, is Tuesday at 7:30PM EST.

Take Back the City: Bruins @ Sabres

This is a big one, y’all.

So we won a game. We won a game after dropping an amazing 10 straight, after panic about tanking the season and “who’re we gonna draft?” talks swirled everywhere. But we broke the streak – with a Tuukka Rask shutout, no less – and now it’s on to Buffalo.

This guy, I'm telling you.

It was nice to beat the Habs, it really was – but here’s the deal, guys. Tonight’s game? Way more important.

The Bruins have the #2 penalty kill in the league. We’re sitting pretty at 86.7 percent right now. But guess who’s at 86.8 percent? The SABRES. Tuukka’s got a sweet save percentage, still; 2nd in the league at .929. Guess who’s sitting at .931? Ryan Miller. (and Tomas Vokoun, but we’re leaving him out for dramatic purposes right now.)

Niemi who? Let's get our prettier goalie back atop the GAA too please.

Ference is back, Krejci’s probable, Sturmface is on Bergy’s line (SO good!), and McQuaid stepped up bigtime in Johnny B’s absence two nights ago, looking good paired with Ference. This is our chance to not only reclaim our rightful place as leaders of the PK pack, to not only get Tuukka the rightful save % leader photo he deserves, but to make ourselves contenders, tying Philly and Tampa for the 7th-8th playoff position, and putting more distance between us and the Thrashers/Rangers/Panthers. The playoff race is still hot, with only a 5-point spread between 6th and 12th; every two points count, and our guys aren’t giving up the season anytime soon.

Maybe we can get a little more of this, too? Just...with less falling down this time, okay Wheels?

Let’s get ’em. GO BRUINS.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Okay. I’ll admit this right now, I am a huge freaking Tuukka Rask fangirl. Like, wicked huge. Bought his t-shirt at the pro shop the first time I saw it huge. And of course, I’m excited for the Winter Classic. Who isn’t?

So when The Goalie Guild posted these photos of Tuukka’s new Winter Classic mask tonight, I definitely made some embarrassing noises. Check it out (more photos below the cut):

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Let’s Get Dangerous: Bruins 5, Leafs 2

This was one of those games where we got through two periods then got ugly. Preceded by three days of drama from both sides – Kessel claiming not to be bothered by the boo’s, even though his coach said otherwise – Shawn Thornton publically admitting on the Toucher and Rich show that he didn’t like Kessel, and enjoyed the garden jobbing him – buildup, buildup, these games are all about buildup.

Let's wipe that smug little grin off his face, Bruins.

Claude Julien, in an awesome effort to mess with our minds, puts Matt Hunwick in at forward. Bitz is out of the lineup. Rumors about taking care of his 5 cats abound. Whatever the case, we want Bitz back soon. 7PM EST. Game on.

Game time.

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