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I see what you did there

Did you know that if the playoffs started today, the Bruins would actually be in?

Yes, at this point in the season, a 12-8-5 would be good enough to score us a #4 seed. Here’s what the playoff brackets would look like:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Washington
3. New Jersey
4. Boston
5. Ottawa
6. Buffalo
7. There are like 10 teams tied for 7th right now

Who are the Bruins playing today? Ottawa. It’ll be fun to think about in terms of what we might see in April.

Additionally, with 25 games gone in the season and 29 points, with this record, the Bruins are on pace to get 97 points. This isn’t the stellar 106 we had last year, but it’s acceptable, and enough to get us a playoff spot for sure.

I’ve missed two games this week due to traveling in the back-country wilds of Wyoming, but from what I heard, the Wild game was crazy epic, but the Devils game was…a typical low-scoring Devils game, and that the Bruins woke up too late in the third to stage any sort of comeback. 2-1 SO loss. We’re still awful in the shootout. Our powerplay is 27th in the league, only converting 14% of chances to goals. But our penalty kill is 2nd, killing off 85% of other team’s chances. One is horrible, one is awesome; hopefully they even out a little as the season goes on.

The scary part comes when you start looking at goals. The Bruins have scored 56 goals in 25 games. Okay, you say. That’s a little over 2 goals per game; not too terrible. But look around the league. Carolina has the same record: 56 goals in 25 games. Nashville is the only team with fewer goals than Boston: 55 goals in 24 games. That could easily change.

The difference between a team like Carolina at the bottom of the bucket, or Toronto in a similar situation (yet with 66 goals in 24 games) and a team like Boston with a much better record is DEFENSE. But while it’s fantastic that we’ve clawed our way to 4th in the East with that small amount of goals – San Jose, the current league leader, is sitting pretty with 89 goals in 27 games. Washington? 85 in 25, sitting in 2nd in the east. The Bruins need to start producing goals, or they’re going to get to the playoffs and run into an epic roadblock, fancy defense or no.

For the record, Ottawa has 68 goals in 23 games.

Bring it on.


Tea Time: Far From Home

This week was difficult Tea Time-wise, seeing as how I am on vacation in Montreal and therefore am in no mood to do anything but sit on my ass and make snarky comments about Canadian television.  And Sarah’s had a rough week too, in spite of the karma points she racked up from doing the Tea Time alone last week.

So we have Tea Time this week, but sadly it was done a few days ago, before a bunch of stuff happened that kind of changes what we talked about.  Oops.

It’s also a pretty short and awfully distracted one.

Okay, you know what?  It sucks.  Everything about it.  I don’t even know why I’m posting it.  I’m going to go hide under a rock for awhile.

Or maybe I’ll go spend some time in the hotel spa and forget about the lot of you.

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My Summer Vacation

All right, the Tom Brady and Bruins posters are all up and re-arranged, I still have no furniture, I can’t stop watching NHL Network, and I start grad school tomorrow. But I STILL HAVE AN OPINION. So here we go.

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